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ARCISOPH at all times, and based on fairness and concern for employees, customers and the communities in which it operates promotes and practices high standards of health, safety, and environmental policies. Through technological innovation and process efficiencies, maximizing the impact of its operations on the environment and provide safe and healthful working conditions.

In view of the foregoing, the following principles are fundamental in achieving the set objectives:

  • To comply with and exceed where possible, all applicable health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations and to conform to its internal standards based on generally accepted environmental practices and established industry codes of practice.
  • To regularly evaluate and monitor past and present business activities impacting health, safety, and environmental matters.
  • To utilize innovative design and engineering to reduce the environmental impact of its operations at every stage.
  • To ensure that a systematic review program is implemented and monitored at all times for each of its operations, with a goal of continual improvement in health, safety and environmental matters.
  • To ensure that adequate reports on health, safety, and environmental matters are presented to Arcisoph Consultants Board of Directors, at a minimum, on an annual basis.

We shall develop and implement site-specific health, safety, industrial hygiene, emergency preparedness, and environmental policies and action plans for our operations consistent with the foregoing principles.

All employees shall be made aware of the foregoing objectives and principles and shall be required to incorporate and abide by the spirit of such objectives and principles in carrying out their responsibilities.